nfigureart asked:

Hi Nicole. I adore and am moved by your work. You are a strikingly lovely woman - a true Canadian rose. My question: one of my favourite shots in the archive is the one where Christine Adams is kissing you - it is a very sensual and tender image, achingly beautiful I think. How do you feel about tasteful and artistic work with another female model and are you open to doing more (with the right partner and the right photographer) in the future? Best, Nicholas.

If it’s tasteful and artistic, sure.

The shot with Christine was more of a drunken night and we took pictures because we thought it was a good idea at the time. Lol. Not something I normally shoot or would be open to shooting with anyone else.

ifiwantedanyshitfromyou asked:

Your post about your body image was especially moving and reiterates a huge societal issue about insane beauty standards and the damage that it can do to young girls. What I enjoyed most about your story, and I really believe that can be a positive example for others, is that in spite of all the things in life that seem to be made solely to chip away at our confidence, you were open minded enough to try something so far out of your comfort zone and see the beauty with in. A truly impressive feat

Thank you! :D
It’s always good to keep an open going into anything you’re doing. It lets you keep learning and growing as a person.

befreeandjustbreathe asked:

You're beautiful, and never let anyone tell you different. Your post 40-31-43' moved me to tears, you're such a strong and inspiring woman. I relate to that post in so many ways, I admire your courage, strength, and your beauty. The world needs more people like you. Stay gorgeous, and have a lovely day! Sincerely, Alexis Xxx

Thank you hun :) 

rainbowish-unicorn asked:

hi :) erm, i just wanted to say that i think you're not pretty only on the outside. you strike me a wonderful, very strong person and i don't mean strong as in 'never cry'... i admire that you are so proud of yourself the way you are that you pose naked in this fucked up world with insane beauty standards. you're sending out the message that loving oneself's body and being proud of the way it looks a great thing.... and that's one of the most beautiful things anyone could ever do. <3

Thank you :3

pyc91 asked:

In all the photoshoot you have done, do you have a favorite? Do you always shave or sometime on picture you got a little bush?

I’ve done too many to just have one favourite. I have lots. 

I shaved when I first started and let it grow out from there and haven’t shaved since (except for trimming).